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We like to think that we are a little bit different from other web developers (in a good way!)

Operating since 2012, Slashdot Web Development have been designing, coding, maintaining, and marketing websites for many an Australian business. Located in Richmond (East Melbourne), we work closely with you from thoroughly planning and developing a new project to overhauling your existing system.

Whether it’s a general information website or a complex database driven system with thousands of users, we carefully craft unique, efficient, and upgradable systems that bring our customers positive results.

Combined with our digital marketing partner – Digital Elder, we are able to completely manage your digital strategy including design, development, ecommerce, security, hosting, email, training, copywriting, SEO, social media, digital advertising, analytics – the LOT! Everything required to build, manage, and promote a successful campaign.

Limited sales talk – no exaggeration of timelines and we won’t push you to purchase features that aren’t required. We clearly indicate all pricing upfront (generally in fixed price contracts) and strictly adhere to our deadlines.

Our team of Web Experts take care of EVERY aspect

  • Web design and development
  • Ecommerce systems and integration
  • General maintenance, tweaks and advice
  • User Interface and backend systems
  • Connecting your website into external systems
  • Security maintenance and recommendations
  • Hosting, domain name and email management
  • Complex Form development and automation
  • Customised quoting systems
  • Copywriting
  • Website speed improvements
  • Data management
  • Digital marketing and SEO
  • Training and support
  • General help on ANYTHING Web related!

Systems, software, plugins & themes we commonly use

What we -WILL- do

  • Allow you to use and test your website during its development: During development we give you access to a staging server that allows you to view your website whilst it is being built.
  • We take care of the entire process start to completion: Design, documentation, coding, testing, training, hosting, domain name registration, digital marketing, copywriting and more!
  • Communication – we keep you in the loop: Throughout the process we keep you posted on where we are at and what happens next. There is no such thing as a stupid question. If you don’t understand, ask away!
  • Plan, design & document your website: At the beginning of any project we thoroughly plan and document every aspect of your website. No surprises, no cost blowouts, no shortcomings!
  • Thoroughly test websites and systems: All websites are thoroughly tested in the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We also test for quirks on the latest iPhone’s and iPad’s.
  • Give you a fixed price quote before we continue any work: Our years of experience allow us to accurately quote and time a job for completion.
  • Train you on the use of your new website: On completion of your website we will train you (usually through virtual meetings) in regards to your Content Management System, and any other requirements.
  • Create websites that are flexible and alterable: Using a combination of WordPress and various plugins, we aim to make your website as easy as possible to maintain and update.
  • Develop your website to be SEO friendly and fast: All websites we create are intelligently search engine optimised to help you rank well within search engines like Google.
  • Support your project after completion: Our free support continues for a year after your website has been successfully completed. This includes ALL aspects of your job including bug fixing, WordPress help, hosting, domain name queries, payments systems, email and much more..

What we -WILL NOT- do

  • DO NOT talk to you in Techno babble: We prefer to talk to you in plain English, keeping technical jargon, acronyms and business management speak to an absolute minimum!
  • DO NOT sell you something you don’t need: Our planning and clean coding philosophy allows us to create websites that aren’t loaded with useless features and that meet your exact needs. Not ours!
  • DO NOT outsource any coding / design to untrusted partners: We prefer to handle everything in-house. You deal with the one person from start to completion. No confusion, blaming other parties or miscommunication!.
  • DO NOT leave you stranded: Apart from our excellent design and coding, we also like to think we provide excellent support and communication. Got an issue, give us a call! Got a question, give us a call!

Our Team

Simon Tropea


Simon is the managing director for both Slashdot and Digital Elder (our sister company). His expertise includes generating leads and promoting websites using a combination of Google, Bing, Remarketing, SEO and social media. He is passionate about getting real results for clients. Happy clients = Happy Simon (And Simon is pretty happy!)

Justin Rumpff

Web Development Manager

Justin has been developing, designing, and managing websites since the early 2000’s. Collaborating with other like-minded geeks (and operating his own business), he has built up a huge array of web development skills covering everything from complex database design through to UX. Joining the SlashDot team in 2017, he passionately develops and runs a majority of our projects in a fastidious, friendly and customer focused nature.

Mihaela Serban

Web Development

Thank goodness for Mihaela. She helps us with a myriad of tasks at SlashDot. All things WordPress related, general maintenance, security, hosting, billing, domain names, tech support, web development – Just about everything! Thorough and timely in every task.

Matt Kippin

Sales & Marketing Manager

Matt first started playing with websites for fun back in the dial up internet days and then transitioned into contract work in the late 2000’s. Over time he has developed a keen eye for conversion-based website development through 10+ years of online advertising and marketing, working with hundreds of companies across Australia.

Taylor Kippin

Web Design / Marketing

Taylor is our newest member to Slashdot. As one of our younger members she has an amazing aptitude for all things design and social media with a strong work ethos. Taking care of a majority of our design, she can tackle logos, web design and video work with a fresh, modern twist that sets us apart from many other agencies.

Andrew Serban

Sales & Marketing

Andrew is one of our most experienced and successful digital strategy gurus. Passionate about his role, he works closely with you providing accurate, inciteful advice that lays the foundation to a great website that converts views into sales. And… He is a lovely bloke!

Sarah Zappulla


Sarah takes care of all things copy related. Many of our clients don’t have the time or know-how to create successful text that promotes and converts their product or service. Sarah takes our documentation and design to create compelling, search engine friendly content that is written from an Australian viewpoint.