Phebra Pharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing

Country changing content / Online Store / Multi login content

Phebra’s goal was to gain ownership of their website, tweak design and enhance current security and content management.

This large highly customised system was rebuilt with a combination of WordPress, Woocommerce and Advanced Custom Fields. Some special additions include:

  • The ability to show custom content and products for a selected Country
  • Three different levels of Front-end logins showing different content based on each login type
  • An online Ordering system.
  • The ability to easily manage content covering all of the above login / country scenarios
  • Must adhere to the many regulations / systems and tight content approval that Australian Pharmaceutical companies are held to.
  • High level of security
  • Users must be able to easily navigate and use this website with a minimum of complexity.

Slashdot and Phebra spent some time nailing down every single element of this project from basic design to the wording of a status message, due to the very strict guidelines set by government regulation. End result -Much rejoice and two very happy parties! It’s fast, secure, and Admins are loving there new Content Management System.